About Tikva Tours

wallandrock_500Travel to Israel with Tikva Tours and explore the beauty of one of the world’s most diverse countries. Tikva Tours provides expert services for all of your travel needs in Israel.

From guaranteed escorted group tours as well as exciting customized group and individual private tours, Tikva Tours highlights the best of Israel, ensuring the most rewarding travel experience possible.  All of our tours are led by experienced, licensed tour guides. While in Israel, you will have 24-hour access to our office in Israel for all of your needs.

We have personally brought thousands of guests to Israel over the years and it is our hope (“tikva” in Hebrew) to introduce you to one the most unique, exciting and moving world destinations. If you have already experienced Israel, we hope to bring you back soon!


Many hope to celebrate a holiday, a holy time in Israel where our ancestors once walked. There are few sights more inspiring than looking upon the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem, praying at the Western Wall, walking the Via Dolorosa or seeing the golden dome rising from the Dome of the Rock.

While traveling through the country you can hike up the ancient hills of Masada, float on the Dead Sea, ski on Mt. Hermon or dive in the Red Sea. Experience the diversity of the people of Israel through all of your senses.

From antiquities and art, fine wines and cuisine, to adventure on the rivers and deserts, Israel has something special to offer everyone!

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