Hear what happy customers are saying about Tikva Tours:

“They were always available, and as a first time world traveler, this assuaged my anxiety. Adrienne arranged tours that were all inclusive and expertly prepared. The hotels were incomparable. She worked within my budget as well. It was a 5-star experience thanks to Adrienne. ”
Joanne I., Arizona, United States
“I was called immediately, as well as emailed. They had great knowledge of the area and seemed to be able to put together a trip for our first experience in Israel and Egypt.”
Lenore K., New Jersey, United States
“We had a wonderful trip. I wish I had more time… Our guide was excellent and we really appreciated him taking us everywhere we wanted and being so attentive as well as extremely knowledgable!
The trip was very well coordinated with passes to get into all events, the guide and timing. Thanks for everything.”
Marilyn L., Phoenix, AZ, United States
“Hi Adrienne,  forgive me for taking so long to get back to you.  We really loved our trip.  The tour guides were wonderful, full of stories and information, really did their very best to enhance the trip.  Mennie, the first guide took us to places that weren’t even on the itinerary.  The people in our group came from all over the world, and the comraderie was there from the start… We have the very best memories of our trip, it was quite an education, we learned so much!  I would highly recommend the Jewish heritage tour, it was exactly what wanted.  If you have any recommendations for another all jewish trip, possibly in Europe, we might be interested.  The fact that this was an all kosher trip was really a treat for us, never having to worry about the food, and being with an all Jewish group was very comfortable.  Thanks for recommending such a perfect trip for us!”
Arlene W., San Diego, CA, United States
“We were extremely fortunate to have found Adrienne Sasson of Tikva Tours to arrange our tour to Israel. We were arranging two week trip to Israel with 9 children (ages 1- 18 yrs)  and 2 adults. This was a daunting and overwhelming job for us.  We are an Orthodox Jewish family and we had some special considerations for the trip. We had called a variety of tour agents and they seemed inpersonable and overpriced.  We immediately felt comfortable when we spoke with Adrienne. She immediately understood our needs and came up with an itinerary to our liking that was priced fairly.  In addition to booking the tour she handled airline tickets and sold us travel insurance at a good price.  This turned out to be invaluable, as it saved me a lot of headache not having to book the flights and Adrienne dealt with delays and cancellations with the airlines which did occur.  We also ended up using the travel insurance, which I was glad that I purchased.

The trip to Israel was amazing.  We had a terrific tour guide who was extremely knowledgeable, nice, great with the kids, flexible and who we felt safe with.  The itinerary was terrific and packed a lot of travel. Best of all, the tour company was flexible with our needs and they basically did whatever they could to accommodate us. We felt as if we were in control of the trip and the tour guide and the agency was catering to our needs, which was perfect.”

Dr. Michael M., Pittsburgh, PA, United States